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Dear applicants, despite the difficult epidemiological situation, Uzbekexpertiza JSC provides the services  24 hours a day (in compliance with the principles of “social distance” and sanitary precautions).


Dear foreign trade participants and manufacturers
of the Republic of Uzbekistan

      Certification is carried out in order to:

– control the sale of products that are dangerous to life, human health, property of legal entities and individuals, and the environment;

– ensuring the competitiveness of products on the world market;

– creating conditions for the participation of domestic and joint ventures, entrepreneurs in international economic, scientific and technical cooperation and international trade;

– consumer protection from an unscrupulous manufacturer;

– confirmation of product quality indicators declared by the manufacturer (seller, performer).

– certification is mandatory and voluntary.

     The list of products produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan and imported to its territory that are subject to mandatory certification was approved by Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 6, 2004 No.318 “On additional measures to simplify the procedure for product certification” and No.122 “On additional measures to improve certification procedures and implement quality management systems” dated April 28, 2011.

      Qualified personnel of the Company are ready to provide you with timely and high-quality services for laboratory testing and certification of conformity for imported/ exported and manufactured in the Republic of Uzbekistan food, agricultural, light and textile products, as well as chemical products according to schemes No. 3, 4, 7, 7A.

    The” scope of accreditation ” of the conformity assessment Body (O’ZAK. MS. 0024) and the established tariffs can be found on the Company’s official website (

We hope for productive cooperation in the future!



«Uzbekexpertiza» JSC provides the following main types of services:

Certificate for property imported by enterprises with foreign investments for their own production needs — a document confirming the purpose of imported property for use in the technological process of production of products, works and services. Property imported for own production needs — a set of material values and things imported by the applicant for use directly in the technological process of production of products, works and services.

Certificates of origin of goods in the Republic of Uzbekistan are issued in order to confirm the country of origin of goods and can be used to obtain benefits in accordance with the current legislation of the country of import. Certification of origin of goods refers to the procedure for conducting an expert examination to determine the country of origin of goods, followed by the issuance and certification of certificates of origin of exported and re-exported goods from the Republic of Uzbekistan. When exporting goods from the Republic of Uzbekistan, the certificate is issued in cases where the certificate is required and this is fixed in the relevant contracts or in the national rules of the importing country or provided for by international obligations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as at the request of the exporter. Along with the above, to simplify customs clearance procedures for Uzbek goods in the countries of import, uzbekexpertiza JSC has implemented an electronic system for verifying certificates of origin of goods, which is carried out through the official website of “Uzbekexpertiza” JSC in the interactive services window in the most convenient and simple way.

A certificate of conformity is a document issued in accordance with the rules of the certification system to confirm the compliance of certified products with the established requirements. The product certification procedure in Uzbekistan is an official form of conformity assessment and includes the issuance of a certificate of conformity or Declaration of conformity. Notifications may be issued for certain items. Certification of products is carried out for compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents.

Examination of the quantity/quality of imported and domestic goods can be carried out at the following stages: — loading, for sending the goods to the buyer (customer, recipient); – reloading; – acceptance of the goods upon their arrival to the buyer (customer, recipient) — in other cases at the request of the customer. The division of “Uzbekexpertiza” JSC that provides services within 3 business days, and for perishable goods, within 24 hours, will send an expert to conduct an examination or inform the customer of a justified refusal from it, which indicates the reason for the refusal.

Classification of goods in accordance with the FEACN code of the Republic of Uzbekistan is used to simplify the collection of fees and taxes on goods imported into the customs territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, to assess the conformity of products with the requirements of regulatory documents and to generate statistical reports.

The feasibility study of the project( feasibility study), the business plan serves as the basis for identifying the investment effectiveness of the created product, and how effective it will be in terms of invested funds will depend on investment and economic trends in the development of the region.

Training in the classification of goods in accordance with the FEACN CODE and training of customs clearance specialists

This service is provided by “Sirdaryaexpertiza” SCC LLC and “Djizzakhexpertiza” SCC LLC.

Payment via Click and Payme payment systems are accepted only under agreements with individuals.

*The tariffs for the services provided by “Uzbekexpertiza” JSC can be seen in the section ‘TARIFFS’


  •          “Uzbekexpertiza” joint-stock company is a legal entity that has an independent balance sheet and operates on the principles of self-financing and self-sufficiency, including currency. Has the right to independently carry out foreign trade operations necessary for its activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Charter. The structure of “Uzbekexpertiza” JSC consists of a head office in Tashkent city, with branches “Airport”, “Ark Buloq”, “Excise post”, “Nazarbek”, “Sergeli”, and “Almalyk”, “Angren”, “Bekabad”, “Chirchik” in the Tashkent region, as well as 12 subsidiaries in all regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The head office in Tashkent with branches of “Uzbekexpertiza” JSC has a staff of 94 people, including 20 management personnel, 65 production personnel, 9 technical and service personnel.


Position Full name


General director of “Uzbekexpertiza” JSC

Serikbaev Xaldarbek Duysebaevich


Deputy General director

Grigoryants Artem Aleksandrovich


Counselor of General director

Kamalov Shukhrat Ne’matdjanovich



PositionFull name



Acting Chief AccountantSlyun’kova Svetlana Aleksandrovna
2Head of corporate relations, strategic forecasting and Finance DepartmentUsmonova Shakhnoza Alisherovna



Head of international relations, internal control and methodological work Department 


Aldoshina Lilia Vital’evna

4Human resource DepartmentAlieva Gulchekhra Rustamovna



Мansurova Suriya Mansurovna




Head of examination of preferential goods Department

Razikov Farhod Keldiyarovich



Head of integrated expertise and certification Department Тoxtaxunov Azamat Kosimovich
8Head of household DepartmentIslamov Jamshid Khalilovich


Head of the Information Technology Development Sector

Suleymanov Ulugbek Rovshanbekovich 

BranchesFull nameAddressContacts
1The “Airport” branchDjabbarov Ruslan IbragimovichTashkent city, Sergeli district, 13 Kumaryk street(97) 712-77-90
2The “Excise post” branch

Islomov Mukhammadyor Tokhir ugli

Tashkent city, Almazar district, 41/160 Chukursay street (99) 884-37-55 
3The “Almalik” branch

Raxmankulov Odil Maxamatkulovich

Tashkent region, Almalyk city, 29 Fakhriylar street

(370) 614-36-47,
(90) 188-32-14

The “Angren” branch

Saparov Sandjar Nurutdinovich

Tashkent region, Angren city, Industrial zone(94) 368-22-74


The “Ark Buloq” branch

Umartaev Bakhtiyar Bahadirovich

111818, Tashkent region, Zangiota district, st. Tarik Teshar, ООО “HIGHWAYLOGISTICSCENTER”.

(90) 970-94-20


The “Bekabad” branch

Narkulov Sakhobiddin Sabirjanovich

Tashkent region, Bekabad city, 1 Sirdarya street (Uzmetkombinat)

(90) 112-32-50

7The “Nazarbek” branchAbdullaev Ulugbek NigmatovichTashkent region, Zangiota district, Nazarbek(94) 631-44-44
8The “Sergeli” branch

Khakimov Shokhrukh Farrukh ugli

Tashkent city, Sergeli district, 4 Khonobod street(99) 842-88-81 
9The “Chirchik” branchSultanbaev Zafar Khamza ugliTashkent region, Chirchik city, 8 Mendeleeva street

(370) 71-527-10, 

(97) 770-97-50

 Region, director’s full name Address Contacts

SCC LLC «Andijanexpertiza» 

Parpiev Rasul Kobilovich

 170100 (710020) Andijan city, 25 Istiklal street  

(374) 228-24-74,  228-24-15

Director:(+998 93) 410-02-10


SCC LLC «Bukharaexpertiza» 

Аchilov Anvar Inoyatovich 

 200100 (705004) Bukhara city, 28 Otaboy Eshonov street 

(365 22) 1-70-16, 1-70-16, 1-54-85
Director:(998 90)718-16-26


SCC LLC «Djizzakhexpertiza» 

Zaripov Odil Abdutolibovich

 130100 (708003) Djizzakh city, 88A Zamin street 

2-09-15; (372 22) 2-47-15; 

Director: (+99 888) 325-87-78


SCC LLC «Karakalpakexpertiza»

Berdimuratova Djamilya Menglibekovna

 230100 (742006) Nukus city, Turtkul highway 20 

(361 22) 4-72-89; 4-66-92;

 Director: (+998 90) 709-88-89


SCC LLC «Kashkadaryaexpertiza»

Karimov Bakhodir Shayikulovich 

 180100 (730000) Karshi city, 2 Uzbekistan ovozi street  

(375 22) 7-11-39;  7-12-65; 

Director: (+998 91) 464-87-85


SCC LLC «Navoiexpertiza» 

Nazarov Ulugbek Esanovich 

 210100 (706800) Navoi city, 14/1 Lomonosov street  

(436 22) 4-96-71,  3-29-29, 

Director: (+998 93) 660 80 89


SCC LLC «Namanganexpertiza»

Madyarov Ibrokhim Nasreddinovich

 160100 (716002) Namangan city, 1 Yunus Radjabiy street  

(369 23) 3-16-98,  (369 22) 7-82-19 

Director: (+998 93) 409-01-21


SCC LLC «Samarkandexpertiza»

Тairov Kamoliddin Vasliddinovich 

 140100 (703050) Samarkand city, 15b Ali Kushchi street  

(366 22) 222-52-52; 1-05-25, 1-05-37, 

Director: (+998 98) 273-57-00


SCC LLC «Surkhandaryaexpertiza»

Turdaliev Yusuf Khudoykulovich 

 190100 (732004) Termez city, 4 S. Rakhimov street  

(376 22) 3-12-47, 3-14-35,  

Branch “Denav”: 8 (376 41) 2-27-38, 2-16-26, 

Director: (+998 90) 245-58-53


SCC LLC «Sirdaryaexpertiza»

Norbutaev Abdurakhim Norbutaevich 

 120100 (707000) Gulistan city, 77 Mustakillik street 

(367 22) 5-07-43,  5-46-62, 

Director: (+998 93) 324-77-37


SCC LLC «Ferganaexpertiza»

Akhmadjanov Avaz Kamalovich 

 150100 (712000) Fergana city, 32 Mustakillik street  

(373) 244-47-17, 244-42-91 , 
Chief accountant: (94) 400-21-01 

Director: (+998 90) 277-74-01,


SCC LLC «Khorezmexpertiza»

Khakberdiev Parvoz Babakhanovich

 220100 (704000) Urgench city, 23/195 Al Khorezmi street  

(362 22) 3-06-40, 

Director: (+998 91) 421-33-32 

Explanatory note
to the draft of organizational structure
of “Uzbekexpertiza” JSC in the new edition.

In accordance with the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On joint-stock companies and protection of shareholders ‘rights” approval of the company’s organizational structure is within the competence of the General meeting of shareholders.
In order to properly implement the company’s development priorities defined in the development strategy under the Roadmap for the strategic development of “Uzbekexpertiza” JSC, a draft of a new organizational structure was developed and submitted to the Supervisory Board for further approval at the annual General meeting of shareholders. It should be noted that the main priorities of the new organizational structure are:

  • Creating new structures within the departments in connection with the planning of obtaining accreditation of conformity assessment bodies, such as the conformity certification Department and the testing complex;
  • Optimization of the number of managerial staff.

LLC “Toshkent Mintakaviy Pakhta terminali”: expresses its gratitude for the practical assistance in fulfilling the schedule for the shipment of cotton fiber in 2018.

  “Soglom avlod uchun” Foundation: expresses its deep gratitude for the services rendered by “Uzbekexpertiza” JSC, in particular for determining the classification of goods in accordance with the FEACN of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the examination of goods.

  It should be noted that on the initiative of the head of the “Chirchik” branch, in order to create favorable conditions for exporters, there are duties on holidays and weekends, to provide services for the certification of the origin of goods and for the examination of the quantity and quality of imported goods. The management of JSC “Uzbekhimmash Plant”, expresses its gratitude for the comprehensive and fruitful cooperation and looks forward to further fruitful cooperation.

  SP LLC “OSBORN TEXTILE” expresses its gratitude for providing services, and also notes the prompt, professional and objective work, which contributes to the minimum time of production for export.

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