It must be noted that the JSC “Uzbekexpertiza” is the only authorized company in the Republic of Uzbekistan, carrying out the following services:
– Expertise to determine the country of origin and issuance of certificates of origin;
– Expertise to determine the property imported by enterprises with foreign investments for their own production needs;
– Issuance conclusions on referring imported technological equipment and spare parts as well as components and raw materials to the categories used in the production process of localized products.
At the same time, the Company provides services such as:
– Issuance of certificates of conformity for food and agricultural products, for products of light, chemical industry, production of construction industry;
– Issuance of expert conclusions on the classification of goods in accordance with FEACN (Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature) codes;
– Testing food and agricultural products, chemical products, products of light industry and the production of construction industry according to the requirements of regulatory documents;
– Pre-shipment inspection of imported goods and the examination of the quantity and quality of food products, consumer goods, raw materials and equipment, the issuance of acts of examinations, consultations and expert opinions;
– Consulting services and marketing research.

Certificates signed by authorized employees of JSC “Uzbekexpertiza” are recognized in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Services of JSC “Uzbekexpertiza” are used by all enterprises, regardless of their form of ownership, established in the territory of the Republic, members of small and medium-sized enterprises, engaged in foreign trade transactions, as well as individuals.

АО “Узбекэкспертиза”

р. Мирзо Улугбек, Паркентская 51
г. Ташкент
Телефон: 71 230-23-64
E-mail:   info@expertiza.uz
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